10 Idaho Charities & Nonprofits to Consider This Holiday Season

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10 Idaho Charities & Nonprofits to Consider This Holiday Season

Go! Donate or volunteer at these Idaho organizations

There are many worthy charities and nonprofit organizations in Idaho that could use your help. Here are ten that you should consider this holiday season.

1. Idaho Guard & Reserve Family Support Fund

This organization is a cash fund that offers grants and zero percent interest loans to service members of the Idaho Guard and Reserve and their families. These funds are to cover expenses due to accidents, disasters, and medical emergencies for uniformed service members who remain in good standing with the Idaho Guard and Reserve.

The IGRFSF’s focus is to be able to take care of its own, allowing the men and women serving in Idaho’s Guard to take care of us. The IGRFSF receives no state or federal funding, so please consider a donation to help the families of those who have served us as citizens of Idaho. Donations are accepted through their official Facebook page:

Idaho Guard & Reserve Family Support Fund

2. Ronald McDonald House Charities Idaho

This charity does the noble working of helping provide a home for families with children undergoing serious medical treatment.

As of right now, a brand new Ronald McDonald House is under construction which will serve forty-seven families. That is a far cry from the last house that could hold seven families if everyone squeezed together.

You can read more about the Boise’s new Ronald McDonald House here. 

Building such a new, high quality and accommodating facility to help those in need doesn’t come without some significant monetary costs. Please donate to their noble cause here.

The new house will be open in January or February 2020. Stay tuned for more coverage once the house is ready to be opened!

3. Boise Rescue Mission Ministries

Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has been focusing on helping people struggling with addiction and homelessness since it opened its doors in 1958. They have been a major contributor to relieving the troubles of many people in need throughout Idaho. Their goal is to provide food, clothing, shelter, opportunity, and peace of mind through teaching the Word of God.

Photo courtesy of Bennett Williamson at BRMM.​​

BRMM serves Boise, Nampa, and other surrounding areas. There are six different locations that all do different and important work to help support those in the Treasure Valley who otherwise would not get it.
River of Life Men’s Shelter in Boise
City Light Home for Women and Children
Valley Women and Children’s Center
Lighthouse Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission Recovery Lodge
Ministry Center and Warehouse
Please consider donating or volunteering to help Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. Your donation or the time you offer might change someone’s life.

4. Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development

The Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD) is Idaho’s participation in a national program called University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. These programs work directly with established universities to help make sure all members of a given community, regardless of ability, have full access to everything their community has to offer.

There are many excellent projects associated specifically with the CDHD, including:

Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness


Idaho Assistive Technology Project

You can help the CDHD in Idaho do its great work by donating to their programs.

5. Twin Falls Senior Citizens Federation

Since 1978, the Twin Falls Senior Citizens Federation has focused its efforts on improving the lives of seniors living in southern Idaho. Healthy meals, transportation assistance, access to medical services, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle are just some of the things this great nonprofit offers to the people of Twin Falls.

This program provides a vulnerable section of the population with services that dramatically improve their quality of life. If you have the desire to give assistance to the seniors of Twin Falls and its surrounding areas, then you should consider volunteering at one of their many events, or simply donate  to improve the life of someone in need.

6. Fifth District CASA Program

The CASA Program exists on a national level, with the Fifth District CASA Program focusing on the Twin Falls area. The CASA Program’s purpose is to make sure that victims of child abuse and children at risk of being placed into foster care are appointed a CASA volunteer. These volunteers are court-appointed and act as advocates and sources of peace and comfort for these children as they go through rigorous and grueling legal and familial processes.

These dedicated volunteers stay with the child in question until that child’s case is closed and they have been placed in a loving home away from the abuse they had once suffered.

Want to make a difference in the life of a child who has suffered abuse? Learn more about becoming a CASA Guy/Gal here.

There are other ways to give, as well. Just go here.

7. Idaho Food Bank

The Idaho Food Bank helps distribute food to people and struggling families with low-incomes. While the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, inspire people to donate and give their time to feed Idaho’s hungry, it’s important to remember that too many people go hungry all year round.

The Idaho Food Bank often joins forces with the Boy Scouts of America. Now that the holidays are here, their efforts will be ramping up. Next time they leave a plastic bag at your door, don’t forget to put it back out on your porch, full of non-perishable foodstuffs the following Saturday for them to pickup!

To donate your time as a volunteer, please go here.

To donate anonymously, or in other ways, go here.

8. Idaho Humane Society

The Idaho Humane Society advocates for the ethical stewardship of domestic animals. They are also professionals at reuniting families with lost pets, finding loving homes for domestic animals, providing veterinary medical treatment for the pets of low-income families, help prevent the occurrence of stray animals through spaying and neutering pets, and much more.

Their statistics are quite impressive. As of last year, the Idaho Humane Society donated $1.6 million worth of medical services to pets of low-income families, neutered and spayed 8,000 animals, returned almost 2,000 lost pets back to their owners, supplied more than 30,000 pounds of pet food for financially struggling families, and other, just as extraordinary feats.

To become a volunteer for the Idaho Humane Society, Go! here.

To donate and help make a difference for domestic animals in Idaho, Go! here.

9. MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter

If you are a pet owner or animal advocate then MCPAWS is a nonprofit organization you will love. They are located in McCall, and, as stated on their website, they are the “ONLY nonprofit, no-kill animal welfare organization serving the West Central Mountain Region of Idaho.” 

MCPAWS has been in operation, through the hard work and dedication of volunteers and donors in partnership with the City of McCall, since 1998. The police force at the time could not attend both to impounded animals and their normal work. Local volunteers came together to help take care of lost and abandoned animals, and with the help of the Leeta Anderson Animal Foundation, MCPAWS was able to officially form in 2001.

If you love animals and want to help, you can volunteer or donate.

Or, if you or someone you know is looking to make a loving home for a pet in need, you can adopt cats and dogs.

They have some fun events coming up in early December. Why not Go! show them some support?

Shop Late Night at MCPAWS Thrift Store Dec 6

Santa Paws Dec 7

10. The Peregrine Fund

This fund was started to help bring back the Peregrine Falcon from the edge of extinction, which they achieved when the bird was removed from the endangered species list in 1999.

They have expanded to cover more than just the Peregrine. Over one-hundred endangered species of birds of prey spanning more than 60 countries across the world receive benefits from the efforts made by the Peregrine Fund. It is the world’s leading organization in support of raptors and other birds of prey.

The Peregrine Fund’s project ‘Vision to Change the Future 2050’ proposes to prevent raptor extinction and habitat destruction, inspire people to help make change possible and inspire the next generation of conservationists, and have set, measurable goals to achieve over the course of five years at a time.

Idaho is known for its World Center For Birds of Prey and is one of the few states in the country that has the raptor population size and the amount of conserved habitat to generate enough attention and interest in rescuing these wild birds.

If you are a lover of raptors and other birds of prey, consider a donation
to The Peregrine Fund.

These Idaho charities and nonprofits are worthy of your time and donations, but there are plenty not mentioned here that need your help and do excellent, important work. Do your part this holiday season, Go! find an Idaho charity or nonprofit that champions a cause you are passionate about and donate what you can.

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