2nd South Market Opening This Summer In Twin Falls

The old Salvation Army building in Twin Falls is getting a serious makeover.

Twin Falls is hopping on the latest nationwide trend, and is set to open up a brand new food hall in the old Salvation Army building, called 2nd South Market. This 13,000 square foot space will undergo a full remodel, and is set to open sometime this summer. 

If you’re unfamiliar with food hall’s, you’re literally in for a treat! They have a unique communal atmosphere, and this one will be filled with all of your favorite local food vendors including Smokey Bone BBQ, Cloverleaf Ice Cream, a new bar called The Tap Room, and more. The market will also feature a spacious outdoor area perfect for events, games, and seasonal markets.

In recent years food halls have been popping up all across the country, and are such a great way to bring the community together. Their unique atmosphere separates them from the normal dining experience, and their many food options are a great way to please the whole family! 

We’re so excited for this unique spot to open up in Twin Falls, and we can’t wait to GO! out and taste a little bit of everything!

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Elena Coats

Elena Coats

An expert at going out.