3 Of The Most Scenic Mountain Hikes In Idaho

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Idaho’s stunning scenery is the reason a lot of people choose to live here. Temperatures are going to start warming up ( I hope), so it seemed like the perfect time to ask some hiking enthusiasts what their favorite Idaho mountains are for hiking, climbing and enjoying Mother Nature. Here are their three favorites:


Of course, Idaho’s highest mountain, Borah Peak or Mt. Borah in Central Idaho, tops this list. Though it rises 12,662 feet into the air, the most common climbing route ascends 5,262 feet and is about a 4-mile hike from trailhead to summit. You don’t have to climb to the summit to have an amazing experience—the scramble on Chickenout Ridge may see to that—but if you do, you’ll be blown away by the beauty you encounter.


Located in South Central Idaho in the Wood River Valley (Ketchum and Sun Valley), Bald Mountain or Baldy is the Sun Valley Resort’s main ski mountain—and is also great for hiking. The trail ascends 3,229 feet and it’s 5.3-mile hike with gorgeous views. Since Baldy is part of the ski resort, there are chair lifts, and they run during the summer, as well. Once you hike up the mountain, you can take the lift down to save some wear and tear on your knees.


Also located in Central Idaho, Williams Peak, at 10,635 feet, is the sixth highest in the Sawtooth Mountains. This peak was named after a pioneer who was part of the first team to climb it in 1934, and it offers a number of routes, including the North Face alpine climb of around 1,100 feet.

If you hike these or any of Idaho’s other majestic mountains, take some pics and tag #GoOutLocal and #OnlyInIdaho to be featured on our page. More importantly, check the weather conditions, take the proper gear, stay safe & have fun!

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