5 Items To Keep In Your Car To Help You Survive The Winter Months In Idaho

Essential items to keep in your car to help you survive this upcoming winter!
4x4 Car Driving In Rough Snowy Terrain

I’m not gonna lie, I was born in a country where tsunamis & hurricanes are more probable than a snowfall. I also lived in California before I ever stepped foot in Idaho, so it took me quite a while before I ever saw a cold snowy winter. But I can confidently say after living in Idaho for multiple years & going through plenty of winters I have a great understanding of important car accessories that every driver should have!

item(s) #1: windshield de-icer spray & ice scraper

Nothing is worse than going outside to your car & seeing every window frozen over & having to use your perfectly polished nails to scratch some of that ice & snow off while your car warms up. Luckily there are windshield de-icer spray products that I can tell you off experience work magically. The best part is that even some come with a built-in ice scraper on the lid & if it doesn’t get yourself a cheap ice scraper. It will help speed up your daily routine by a large margin.

item #2: snow shovel

Every once in a while you’ll be out & about when a snowfall hits & it covers your car & the streets. A snow shovel will be your best friend in that situation. You’ll be able to shovel your way out & create a path for your car if you’re ever stuck on the road or in a parking lot that yet has to be snow plowed. This accessory is especially needed if you’re like me & drive a rear wheel drive car. It is also very helpful to get snow off of your car when it’s piled up because in some instances it is illegal to drive a car that is covered in snow & I personally know people here in Idaho that have been ticketed for that.

item #3: Blankets

This step I learned from my beautiful mother whenever she would take me to school in the early mornings of winter. She’d always be in her pajamas & would leave a blanket or two in the car so that she can cover her legs while she’s driving. Blankets will never do you wrong during those cold winter mornings & nights when you’re sitting in your car waiting for it to warm up.

item #4: sandbags

To some, this might sound like a crazy accessory but trust me this item has multiple uses to it. The first use is to give your car traction if you’re ever stuck in snow & your wheels are constantly spinning but not moving. Pouring a bit of sand under your tires will help your wheels get enough traction to be able to move out of wherever you’re stuck. If you’re a cat owner you can even throw some cat litter to get you out. The second use is for all my people who also drive a rear wheel drive car. Putting the sandbags in the back of your car will give it that extra weight to improve traction while driving. Below is a chart I got from Les Schwab that has the recommended amount of weight to add to the trunk of your car.

Type of Vehicle Suggested Added Weight
½-ton pickup 240-300 lbs.
¾- to 1-ton pickup 300-400 lbs.
Sedan/SUV/CUV 100 lbs.

item #5: cell phone car charger

A couple of years ago around February & March, I went to a bonfire somewhere out by Kuna in an open spot where people go out to shoot guns. I had to use GPS to get there because I’m not familiar with that side of town & part of the drive was going through some dirt roads. A couple of hours later it was about 10 or 11 pm & I decided to go home & at this point my cell phone was dead. I ended up driving endlessly for an hour & a half trying to get to Meridian because the roads were dark & the houses were few. Keep in mind I was also running out of gas. After a long while, I was able to find a random gas station & I had to awkwardly ask the cashier where exactly I was & how to get back to town. All I needed was a car charger to prevent this. A $2-$5 car charger you can buy from any gas station. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I were to run out of gas at a time like that.

If you made it this far after that fact that I brought up that I came from California I thank you, & if not I don’t blame you. Hopefully, these 5 items help change your winter driving experience for the better! Stay safe Idaho.


Jesai Moreno

Just your average bro


Jesai Moreno

Just your average bro