5 Local Artists you should be following on the gram!

Female Artist Painting Mural On Wall

Wanting to spice up your boring Instagram feed with some local talents? I have a list of 5 artist who are some of my current favorites to see. With work spreading across some of the downtown Boise area, other parts of Idaho, and even outside of our state! I got some all-stars lined up for you here, let’s get into it!

1. Miguel Angel Almeida

A Painter, Illustrator, Muralist, and Digital Artist. Miguel takes on unique projects that are inspired by his Mexican heritage. He takes colors inspired by Mexican Folk art and bold, heavy lines to create his iconic graphic style.

2. Dreyfus

Dreyfus is another mixed media artist. You’ve probably seen their work without even realizing it. Scattered around Boise and other states, Dreyfus captures their audience by building relationships with the people that view their work! By winning the PBR 2021 Art Can Contest you could even bring Dreyfus’ engaging work to your summer gatherings. A true icon of Boise!

3. Julia Green Illustration

A surface pattern Designer and Illustrator, Julia is one of my new favorite designers to keep up with! This designer’s work is all over the place, from our local Trader Joe’s, to our furry friends at the Idaho Humane Society, and even at Anthropology. Julia’s work can be described as a mix of humor mixed with soft feelings. Let your imagination run wild with Julia’s work!

4. James W.A.R. Lloyd

James is an Illustrator, creative force, and Artist making big waves in the local community. This artist is the one behind our iconic local Treefort Music Festival marketing. Thank you for the immaculate vibes! Lloyd’s iconic style makes them stand out in the community as well as one of my favorites to view on my Instagram feed.

5. Andie Kelly

Andie has taken Boise by storm as a Muralist, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator. She has been just about everywhere with her craft including Venice, Italy with 5 other students from Boise State University! One of her recent projects resides on the side of Trademark Design’s building near the downtown area!

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