5 Staggering Stats About Idaho

Even if you’ve lived in Idaho your whole life, you may not know some of these fascinating facts about the Gem State:

1. Hell’s Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon.

As surprising as this stat is, it’s true. At 7,993 feet, Hell’s Canyon, which is on the border of Idaho and Oregon, is deeper than the Grand Canyon—and I would argue just as worth visiting.

2. There are more miles of whitewater river than in any other state.

No state can boast as many miles of recreational river as Idaho, which is why it’s the best place in the United State for whitewater rafting. It’s also the first state to have commercial river rafting trips.

3. Shoshone Falls is taller than Niagara Falls.

This is also surprising but true. “The Niagara of the West” is 212 feet tall. That’s 50 feet taller than Niagara itself.

4. Nearly two-thirds of Idaho land is publicly owned.

About 63% of Idaho land is public. Idaho has acres and acres of national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and more.

5. Most of all commercial trout sold in America comes from Hagerman Valley.

Idaho is famous for potatoes, and for good reason: One-third of the nation’s potatoes are produced here. What a lot of people don’t know is that a 30-mile stretch of the Snake River is where more than 75% of trout sold commercially in the U.S. comes from.

From the panhandle to the ever-growing capital of Boise and beyond, Idaho has so much to offer. GO! out and see for yourself!

By Nate Bevington

An Expert at Going Out

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