9 Activities To Keep Your Quarantined Time Occupied

Make your quarantine time productive with some of these stay-at-home activities

Supply chains are still running, civilization is still intact. So, instead of panicking, posting pictures of empty shelves at the store, maybe relax in self-quarantine with these cool activities. 

There is still time to Go! grab some of the materials mentioned that you may not have at home right now. Idaho is not on lock-down, and if we do our best to work together and do what we can to “flatten the curve,” as they say, we will not only get through all this, but we might even come out the other side feeling productive rather than imprisoned.

Embrace your introverted side with some of these stay-at-home activities to consider because Netflix or video games will get old.

Start A New Workout Routine

Many places like movie theaters and gyms are temporarily closing for safety reasons. That doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip leg day. Or core day. Or any workout day. There are hundreds of different exercises which don’t require machines.  Even without the extra bells and whistles, they will get the blood pumping, the sweat flowing, and even build muscle.

If you are a regular exerciser, you probably know many of them already. The trick at that point is not to allow current events to disrupt your regular routine as much as possible. If you are looking to get into a workout routine for the first time, even a crisis like the current one is an opportunity to change your lifestyle and start doing something healthy for yourself.

Tinker With Legos

Lego blocks are the perfect at-home activity. They’re quiet, they stimulate the imagination, develop fine motor skills, improve spatial reasoning, and help develop kids’ brains as they grow. Because you can do pretty much anything your mind can think of with Lego parts, there’s almost no limit to the amount of fun to be had with them.

Right now, local toy store Bricks and Minifigs is holding a sale on bulk Lego parts for families to come in, grab a bag, and spend time together building while we all wait for schools and work to open up again.

Work On That Tan

OK, so technically it is still winter, but it is warming up a little out there, and the sun has been out more than usual. And, yeah, it has still been a bit chilly, but beggars can’t be choosers. Go! Get out there in your back yard at least and get some rays. We have just been through three cold months of cloudy skies, short days, and long nights. If not for an actual tan, at least fight seasonal depression with some vitamin D. When it starts getting hot, just fill up that inflatable kiddy pool with cool water, crack a cold beer, and sit back in the sun while the world is quarantined.

Tabletop and Board Games

You can break out all the board games you have at home and start a board game championship between your friends. Lots of people are live streaming their games, or they use Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and other communication platforms to play with friends or family from anywhere.

Take A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole With A New Subject

The Internet is a wondrous thing. Pretty much all human knowledge can be found there. Make use of it while you are locked up in the same room with it. 

As long as the life-force we call the Internet stays running, you can

Obviously these articles don’t even scratch the surface. There are YouTube videos and podcasts numbered in the thousands that can provide reliable and fascinating information on any topic imaginable. 

Any amount of detail on any subject can be found on this mysterious force for knowledge and communication we call the Internet. With a wise and discerning eye, you can make some real use of the world’s largest knowledgebase.

Develop A New Skill

It can really be anything you want. What is something you’ve never had the time to learn that you always wanted to try? Cultivate your photoshop skills. Rehash your budget and become a total master of every cent you earn. Learn to roll sushi. Take up a musical instrument. Figure out how to sew. Learn a new language. 

A skill I have whimsically taken up recently is knife throwing. One of my best friends recently got me into the whole thing. I’m planning a visit to Cabela’s to grab a couple packs of throwing knives, grab a stump or some other wood waste, get a few more friends involved, and try to have a live stream knife throwing competition. 

Finish All Those Chores You’ve Been Putting Off

You know, clean out the garage, or the gutters. Weed the flowerbeds. All the stuff you’ve never wanted to do and now have no excuse to avoid any longer. I know that in my house, I have several repair jobs waiting for me. A door needs adjusting so it actually closes snugly, rooms to declutter and reorganize, and enough to do in my back yard to last beyond the end of the quarantine.

Beautify Your Home

Now is your chance to make your house the home you’ve always wanted. Been dreaming of painting the interior a different color? Or build a trellis for beautiful viney plants in your back yard? Or to decorate the kids playroom to feel warmer and more fun? There was never a better time than now to do it. 

Even organizing certain things in your house differently can give your home a novel feeling that frees your mind up into believing in new beginnings and possibilities. Customizing your home, giving it life, color, and a clear touch of who you and your family are can renew that sense of being safe and comfortable in a place that really is home.

Read Something

Hopefully something you would be willing to read, maybe something you’ve always wanted to read but have never have. Comic books and online articles are fine, but maybe try a throwback and crack open a physical book. Some of the reader nerds out there like myself have a pile of unread books that, with each passing day, goes unread. Every time we look at them we wonder, “Will I have a chance to read all these before I die?” Well, this quarantine gives geeks like me a chance to get through that tottering pile of reading material.

We are all adults. Hopefully, we are smart enough to come up with things that are positive and productive for our kids and ourselves to do during this turbulent time. Just remember to stay calm, and make the best of this time. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, and get the kids involved, too.

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