All About the Boise Trails Challenge

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If you have a competitive side and are looking for a way to get outside and experience some new trails in the Treasure Valley this summer, check out the Boise Trails Challenge! This competition is put on yearly and extends for about a month in June and July. This year the challenge starts on Friday, June 17th, and extends through July 17th. The Boise Trails Challenge is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as it covers about 170 miles of terrain over the course of the month! Keep reading to learn more about the specifics and different ways to win exciting prizes! 

The Boise Trails Challenge came to life in 2017 and has been held yearly since, in respect of Jason Delgadillo, a Boise local passionate about the outdoor community who tragically lost his life in 2018. Community members come together every year to enjoy the local trail system in his honor.

While the prospect of completing 170 miles is daunting, keep in mind that all participants have the opportunity to complete the trails on foot, bike, or a combination of both. (Just make sure you sign up for the right category!). Many avid hikers, bikers, and trail runners in the community set out to complete the challenge as fast as possible once the event starts, however, completing the event overall is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Set a goal that feels right for you, get outside, and get moving! 

You can find all of the trails that are included here. These trails span much of the Treasure Valley and vary in length and intensity. Many familiar hikes such as Table Rock and trails throughout Hull’s Gulch are included, but you also might find that participating in this challenge leads you to try out new paths that you’ve never visited before! My favorite part of participating has always been the chance to explore and find new favorite destinations throughout Boise and the surrounding area. 

There is still time to sign up for the challenge this year! You can sign up on the Boise Trails Challenge website for $50 until this Friday. You will also need to have a Strava account to track your progress. One of the coolest parts of this event is the ability to track all of your activity through Strava and it will automatically be added to your competition dashboard after you’ve signed up for the challenge. 

Everyone who participates will receive a pair of Boise Trails socks, and other Boise Trails goodies. Even if you aren’t competing to be top in your category, you will still have many chances to win prizes through scavenger hunts throughout the course of the challenge. Every year they give away some pretty awesome rewards to anyone keeping a close eye out for these scavenger hunts to pop up! 

If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, get signed up and get ready to spend a lot of time outside over the next month. I hope to see you out there!

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