Best Places in the Treasure Valley to Take Your Dogs on a Hike

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There is no doubt that Idahoans love their dogs. With the weather heating up many are anxious to take their canine companions out to explore and enjoy the sunshine together. These are the best places in the Treasure Valley to take your furry friend.

Jump Creek

Jump Creek

Jump Creek is the hike of choice for most people in Canyon County, and for good reason. It’s a great hike complete with fun trails, a waterfall, and the best part is, it’s perfect for your dog. You will find many other people and dogs. it’s a great social environment for them. The hike is easy enough that they won’t get stuck but hard enough to get their energy out.

Camel's Back

Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back is a great place to take a dog. It has a large dog park, hiking trails and everything a dog could want. The hike is fun, the scenery is great and you and your dog are both sure to enjoy it.

Table Rock

Table Rock

Table Rock is the most iconic trail in Idaho. It can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it, based on where you park, and the view at the top is incredibly rewarding. The best way to cap off a great hike with your pup is to rest at the summit and enjoy the view, overlooking the beautiful city of Boise.

GO! OUT this spring and enjoy the weather, fun hikes, and beautiful views with your dog(s), they’ll enjoy it just as much as you.

by Nate Bevington

An Expert at Going Out

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