Best Winter Getaway Cabins In Idaho

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean you can’t leave the comfort of your home for another one miles away. I’m here to convince you that a nice winter cabin vacation is a great idea to give your life a boost of excitement this winter!

Garden Valley mountain retreat

Have you ever wanted to be secluded in between mountains and have a private geothermal pool to yourself? Of course you have, and that’s why I think this cabin will be best for you. This cabin comes with 5 rooms, enough to fit 2 families comfortably. Good times are also available in the outside heated gazebo room that comes with a ping-pong table and enough space to play board games and other activities. Find out more here.

Modern cabin in coeur d’Alene

If the private geothermal pool didn’t get your attention then maybe your own private hot-tub will! This cabin is a lot more modern looking than the others & less secluded. With that comes more local activities that are nearby like an ice arena for skating or 2 ski resorts for those wanting to ski, snowboard, or just site see! Find out more here.

yellowstone lodge in idaho

This spot doesn’t have a fancy geothermal pool or a private hot tub, but what it does have is one of the most popular national parks in all of North America in its backyard. This spot sits on a half an acre of land in Yellowstone Acres. During winter time you are able to snowmobile directly to Yellowstone National Park through trails from the property. How cool is that? If that’s too extreme you can also sled, snowshoe, & cross country ski right there in Island Park. Find out more here.

Now excuse me while I start packing for my weekend getaway in a remote cabin somewhere in Idaho.

by Jesai Moreno

An Expert at Going Out

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