Boise Chef and Restaurant Are Named Best in the Nation

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Recently on CBS Saturday Morning, an Idaho restaurant was featured in their restaurant highlight called “The Dish”. Ansots, a local family restaurant owned by Dan Ansotegui in Boise. Dan owns multiple restaurants in Boise and Ansots features delicious dishes that include chorizo that is inspired by the Basque region in Spain. It was originally going to be started as a catering restaurant during COVID but now it is a sit down restaurant that offers authentic taste of the Old Country in the American West. “CBS Saturday Morning” co-host Jeff Glor reports. 

Photo from Ansots Baque Chorizos Facebook Page

Looking to enjoy some authentic and locally crafted Basque Cuisine? Ansots is located on Main St. in Old Boise. You can enjoy your meal in the restaurant or enjoy their catering options for your next big event! Be sure to try some of their chorizos, bacon, solomo, and ground meat. It’s hand-made using family recipes that have been passed down over the past 100 years.

Photo from Ansots Baque Chorizos Facebook Page


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