Boise Classic Movies At The Egyptian Theater

They play it all, from Casablanca to Dumb and Dumber — vote for your favorite movie from days past to play on the big screen

There is something about the silver screen, a powerful sound system, and turning the lights down for a major motion picture that gives an audience goosebumps. The images, the sounds effects, the score, everything comes together to strike the viewer in the way the filmmaker had intended it. Many filmmakers intend their movies to be an almost fully immersive experience, instead of just a flash of colors and sounds.

I remember watching some of my favorite movies when they were first released into theaters. Character study dramas, fantasy adventure films, meat-head action movies, even the stupid comedies always hit me so much harder when I would see them in the theater. The funny parts got more laughs, the death scenes tugged more heartstrings, and the explosions were always so much cooler at the theater than at home.

I tried to enjoy and remember those experiences as much as I could, despite a few minor negative experiences with some uncouth and inconsiderate fellow moviegoers. I knew, unless I was bequeathed a large sum of cash from a long-lost relative I didn’t know I had or I started to rub shoulders with high social elites who could afford and had home theaters, I was probably never going to be able to experience that film the same way again.

I, like many today, had come to believe that the only viable option for viewing those old movies again was through a streaming service or by getting a hard copy of them. That is until I heard of Boise Classic Movies.

BCM is your chance to suggest a film, vote for your favorite, round up a group of friends and family, and go relive your favorite movies on the big screen once again. 

Feeling apprehensive about offering your movie suggestion? Think it might not count as a classic? That’s doubtful. Take a look at BCM’s criteria for a film to be considered “classic.” 

Or check out what films got the most votes through the BCM website:

The next film BCM will feature is the 1992 classic SNL spinoff comedy, Wayne’s World. This is to be screened on March 12, 2020, at 7:00 pm. Alcohol is available at this showing, so it is 21 and over only. The film will play only if 150 tickets or more are sold, so Go! get yours now! The show must go on!

These movies are only $9.00, and they offer all-ages nights, as well as adult nights where beer and wine are served. Go! Relive the best movies of your life. See them again at the Egyptian Theater thanks to Boise Classic Movies!

Boise Classic Movies

The Egyptian Theater

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