Enjoying the Boise Greenbelt is one of the most popular activities when it comes to “Going Out” in the Treasure Valley.  Last year, the Greenbelt suffered from some of the most historic floodings in its history.  Because of the flooding, The Boise Parks and Recreation Department has announced a series of constructions projects to repair the damage.

City of Boise: 

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department will be completing a number of construction projects along the Boise River Greenbelt and adjacent river bank over the coming months. This repair work is being completed following the historic flooding that damaged or eroded a number of sections in 2017.

The following projects will include a Greenbelt closure:

  • Bank Repair- Plantation Island
  • Bank Repair- N Lakeharbor Ln
  • Bank Repair- Wylie Ln
  • Greenbelt Repair- Willow Ln
  • Bank Repair- Americana Tunnel
  • Bank Repair- Tozer River Access
  • Bank Repair- Walnut St River Access
  • Bank Repair- Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park
  • Bank Repair- West Parkcenter Bridge
  • Bank Repair- Albertsons River Node
  • Bank Repair- Emergency Boat Ramp
  • Greenbelt Repair- Marianne Williams Concrete
  • Greenbelt Repair- Marianne Williams Asphalt

According to the site, most of the construction projects will take place during the winter months the first of which will start in mid-December.  I really hope all construction projects are completed by the spring! For specific project-closures check out the map below.