Boise Parks to Visit as the Weather Warms Up

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Boise Parks to Visit as the Weather Warms Up

With spring weather finally on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about getting back outside and enjoying some sunshine! Temperatures are slowly starting to creep up in the valley. For those unfamiliar with Idaho weather, this may not feel like the start of spring, but after braving a cold, gray winter, any stray sun rays and the warmth they bring is a welcome relief! 

Throughout Boise, and along the Boise River Greenbelt you will find a series of parks, known as the Ribbon of Jewels, all named after local figures who have been instrumental in the community. These are all great locations to visit as the weather continues to improve and provide a variety of activities and scenery, perfect for the whole family. Not to mention the spring influx of adorable goslings and ducklings that will be inhabiting these parks very soon! Why not set a goal this spring to check out as many of these parks along the Greenbelt as you can? They are all worth a visit!

Ann Morrison Park 

Ann Morrison was a local figure instrumental in forming the Morrison Knudsen charitable foundation, and this park in her name features activities such as bird watching, disc golf, and even a dog park. 

Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park 

Known for her involvement with organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Catholic Women’s League, and St. Alphonsus Hospital, Bernadine Quinn had a park named for her in 1997, which is home to a large pond open to fishing. 

Bethine Church River Trail 

Famous for her work in wilderness preservation, Bethine Church established the Sawtooth Society and served on the Idaho Conservation League. This trail in her name offshoots from the Greenbelt and features local foliage and wildlife. 

Dona Larsen Park 

Known for her involvement with Boise City Recreation, as well as coaching and teaching in Boise, this park was named in Dona Larsen’s honor and features a large sports complex. 

Esther Simplot Park 

Esther Simplot has been highly involved with the arts in Boise, from the Boise Opera Company to the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy. This park in her name was dedicated in 2016 and is home to ponds open for swimming, paddle boarding, and fishing, as well as a playground and open grassy fields. 

Golda Harris Nature Preserve

Golda Harris was a long-time Boise resident who was instrumental and well known in the community. This Nature Preserve named in her honor features opportunities to view local wildlife and enjoy pleasant walking paths. 

Julia Davis Park 

This is the oldest park in Boise and is, named for Julia Davis, who was known for assisting travelers as they passed through on the Oregon Trail. This park is home to the Boise Art Museum, History Museum, and Rose Garden.

 Kathryn Albertson Park 

This beautiful park features lots of open grassy space, as well as reservable picnic areas and gazebos. This park was named for Kathryn Albertson, who along with her husband Joe Albertson donated generously to institutions in the Boise community.

Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park 

Named in honor of the multiple Olympic gold medal winner, Kristin Armstrong this park features open grassy fields, many picnic sites, and a playground for the kids. 

Marianne Williams Park 

Marianne Williams has acted in many ways in the local community, from volunteering with St. Alphonsus to serving on the Bronco Athletic Association Board of Directors. This park named for her, features two ponds, walking paths, and picnicking options.


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