American composer/conductor John Williams is a master of composing scores that not only help guide the narrative of a film, but  often become inseparable in our memories from the movies they accompany: for example, huge horn sections set the scene for exploration or adventure in Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars; woodwinds usher in discovery in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; and strings suggest imminent (and terrifying) danger in Jaws.

Take a trip down memory lane and “hear scores from your favorite Hollywood classics” when the Boise Philharmonic presents “Hollywood Hits” at the Morrison Center on Saturday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. The orchestra will perform music from a whole host of films (full program below), from Gone With the Wind and Dr. Zhivago, to The Pink Panther and The Spy Who Loved Me, to Rocky and Raiders of the Lost Ark, to Dances With Wolves and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Visit for tickets, more info, and to see the full program.