Boise’s Littlest Park

This tiny plot of land takes up less than ⅓ of an acre

Christopher W. Moore, a Toronto native turned cattle-driving pioneer, became a wealthy and prominent Boise citizen after settling here as an adult. He donated this little park to the City of Boise 103 years ago.

Moore gained wealth by running general supply stores in Boise, and being one of the founders of the First National Bank of Idaho.

In 1914 he reserved a little garden on one of his properties on the corner of 5th and Grove as a playground for children. Up to the time of his death, Moore was well known for his charitable efforts and contributions to orphanages and other services aimed at assisting underprivileged children and youth.

This urban Boise park is made up of about 0.28 acres, was officially dedicated in 1983, and now displays several architectural artifacts from Boise’s past. These pieces are from buildings and municipal hardware (like street lights) that either no longer stand or are no longer used.

These include:

  • The Morris Hill Cemetery Water Wheel – 1980s
  • A turret from the W.E. Pierce Building – 1903
  • The entrance arch to the Bush Building – 1904
  • The Pioneer Building Name Stone – 1894
  • The A.T. Ellis Building Date Stone – 1902-1903

This one little park holds something close to 140 years of Boise history. Go! Stop by the quaint little patch of public land and take a moment to appreciate all the bits of Idaho’s past that still remain.

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Adam Brimhall

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