Cascade Submits A Bid For A TV Show Renovation

HGTV’s new show ‘Hometown Takeover’ is how Mayor Judy Nissula hopes to upgrade certain sections of the town.

In 2021, HGTV will release a new show called ‘Hometown Takeover.’ The network has asked for submissions from small towns around America within a particular population limit to apply to be featured on the show. The show would analyze, design, and remodel portions of the town without completely remodeling its identity. Editor for HGTV David L. Haynes says ‘Hometown Takeover’ is all about “helping to create and foster a town persona that draws on its roots, history, and traditions.”

Submissions to be featured on the show are now closed, but Mayor Judy Nissula made sure Cascade, Idaho, was one of what is likely to be hundreds of towns that applied. In an interview with KTVB, Mayor Nissula says she hopes the staff at HGTV selects her application to improve city buildings and public walkways in Cascade. She wants the town to have more incentives for people who grow up there to stay. 

Don’t miss the video the City of Cascade sent HGTV during the application process. Go! here. There is no information as of yet on the selection process for ‘Hometown Takeover,’ or when selected towns will be announced. 

Check back when we follow up and see if Cascade, Idaho, will be on HGTV’s ‘Hometown Takeover.’

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