Coronavirus Panic Forces Treefort Postponement

Rather than shutting down completely, Boise’s biggest music fest will be moved to September.

Not long ago, encouraging news was announced: Treefort, the largest festival celebrating music, food, and culture in Idaho was to carry on, despite coronavirus fears.

But today is a dark day.

 Idaho is not an island. It was really only a matter of time before something like this happened since so many other music festivals and large public events around the world are being shut down or postponed

Treefort has been moved from March 27th – 29th, 2020, to September 23rd – 27th, 2020. 

As a Boies musician myself, and having a little bit of inside knowledge on how the business side of the music festivals, I recognize what a blow this can be to the organizers, sponsors, investors, the artists, the festival itself, and public morale surrounding it. Unhappy patrons will have negative feedback at best, connections between all parties can become tenuous, and tens of thousands of dollars and more will be lost.

But the organizers at Treefort are acting in a way they believe has the community’s best interest at heart. In Treefort’s official press release,  Lori Shandro, festival producer, and co-founder says, “It was by no means an easy decision, but we recognize the far-reaching impact of our festival and our top priority is and always will be the community.”

Treefort has been working closely with Central District Health, who had this to say in the press release: “Central District Health supports the proactive decision of Treefort organizers to postpone this impactful community event and applauds their attention to and concern for our community’s health and wellbeing.”

Honestly, though, a postponement is far better than a complete cancellation. All Treefort tickets that have been purchased so far are completely valid for the September dates. If the change renders you unable to celebrate Boise’s best fest, then you can get a refund for your Treefort passes by emailing

Don’t panic, and don’t lose hope, Idaho. Go! participate in Treefort this September. It may be moved, but it’s not gone forever. 

Go! visit the Central Health Districts website for their official advice on COVID-19. Get informed on how best to prevent catching and spreading illnesses.

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Adam Brimhall

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