Don’t Text & Drive!

$155 fine awaits those who disobey this new Meridian law

Ever been running late while waiting at a left-turn traffic light in a huge line of cars, only to miss your chance to get through because the person in front of you was looking at their phone?

Well, that sort of thing is officially illegal in Meridian now.

As of this week, the city of Meridian has passed a new law banning the use of smartphones and other handheld electronics while driving. 

The citation itself is a $90 fee with $65 court costs. That’ll teach you.

Having your eyes on your phone while behind the wheel splits your attention. This means you miss turns, run through or completely miss traffic lights and signs, and get into totally preventable accidents, especially with pedestrians and bicycles.

Chief of Police in Meridian, Jeff Lavey, urges drivers to obey this law with care, no matter where you are driving, emphasizing that it would be wise to do even if the law did not exist. Lavey has plenty of horror stories to tell relating to phone use while driving, including incidents where angry and impatient drivers have drawn weapons against the inattentive drivers who don’t go when the light is green.

Meridian is the first city in the Treasure Valley to implement such a law, and only time will tell if the unhappy statistics of traffic incidents involving phone use behind the wheel will improve. 

No matter where you Go!, while driving, if you have someone riding with you, have them attend to your phone for you. Otherwise, choose your music or podcast while in park, put your phone down, and keep your eyes on the road.

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Adam Brimhall

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