Eating Out On Turkey Day

Turkey Day is coming, have you decided what you’re doing?

By Mandy Nielsen

Most of us take pride in hosting the traditional Thanksgiving Day festivities, cooking and preparing sometimes for days to feed family and friends.  Entertaining, feasting and watching football are all typical, and can be rewarding and exhausting and stressful at the same time.

Now what about those who want to GET UP & GO OUT and try something new?  Or for those who plain and simple cannot or do not want to cook, entertain or go hang out with family?  Well, here’s some local options, and you may not want to wait last minute to decide where to go and what to do!

Most popular FINE DINING options for Thanksgiving Day meals in Boise.  Get all dressed up and expect to pay an average of $40 a person at all the usual places offering a variety of unique, fancy, alternative menus along with the traditional turkey meal.  Who you won’t see on the list this year is long time running Berryhill, they’ve decided to give their staff the entire day off to enjoy with their families this year and will be closed.  The trick with these fine dining restaurants, is they require a reservation and some are already sold out, like Emilio’s and The Riverside Hotel.  One would bet that the others would sell out soon, also!

7 FINE DINING Restaurants in Boise open Thanksgiving Day:

Want to go out, but prefer something more casual?  There are a few CASUAL DINING Turkey Day dinner options in the Boise area this year, reservations are preferred, but not required.  Just expect to wait at least an hour to get in.  And there’s one place that offers an entire meal to go, just order ahead and pick up at Marie Callender’s, then plan on re-heating it for about 3 hours and bada-bing you have your traditional Thanksgiving meal done and ready to serve!

5 Casual Dining Restaurants in Boise open Thanksgiving Day:

Of course there’s the option of having something to do after the Thanksgiving Day meal, rather with or without your family.  MOVIES are a popular choice to help pass the time, and offer up some great new releases or even hit the discounted theaters for a good show on the big screen!  Or you can always hit up your favorite neighborhood BAR or tavern, most of them will be open in the evening.  And let’s not forget the “early” BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING and stores opening back up on Thanksgiving Day evening for rather online sales or in store shopping.

In my mind, Thanksgiving is a holiday that you decide what is your tradition.  You can decide to eat, drink and be merry the way that best fits your lifestyle and Boise is a great place to offer just enough variety for all of us!