The French Fry

The french fry is a world wide treat enjoyed by millions in just as many ways. Since Idaho is the potato state and it's potato month here's a fry blog.

Potato Month Celebrates the French Fry

By Dave Clampitt & Mandy Nielsen | Go Out Local
Photography | Go Out Local

What is it that Idaho is well known for in food circle? Well of course it’s the potato!

Let’s see, you can boil it, mash it, bake it or you can cut it up and fry it. You can even bake it again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always better the second time around! Like those Mickey D fries, there’s no way you can reheat those to make them taste as incredible as the first time served!

Steak Fries
Waffle Fries
Krinkle Fries
Fry Variety

There are so many different styles of French Fry.

Curly, coated, battered, steak cut, hand cut, natural cut, yellow, purple, sweet, seasoned, gold, round, waffle and shoestring (just to name a few).  If you’re from Idaho, then you are familiar with all the varieties of fries, especially served in the greater Boise area!


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