Friday Fun In Merdian, Idaho

Cool Meridian spots, perfect for a Friday night
Frontier Club

When it comes to Friday night, some of us are itching to begin our weekend and GO! enjoy the short, but needed time away from the office. It’s been a long week, you’ve worked hard (hopefully), and now you’re faced with the task of deciding where you and your coworkers should go out this Friday night.

Frontier Club

Decked out in colorful neon lights, a great choice of bar games, and of course a shiny bar calling my name, Frontier Club is a cozy space with a laid-back atmosphere. This is the perfect place for a group since it has tons of outside seating, a couple of pool tables, and a friendly staff to accommodate you and your friends. Also, a perfect place to stop if you’re out with your dog and decide to randomly stop someplace for a drink, since it’s pet-friendly. Happy hour is every day, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Bottles, cans, drafts, and well drinks are $2!

Frontier Club Bar Top

Bottle Cap Bar 

Most recently known as “The Busted Shovel”, Bottle Cap Bar is a newly renovated bar that plays a part in the history of downtown Meridian’s locals. Smaller and brighter than Frontier, BCB’s interior design utilizes steel and brick wall textures, and a gray palette to showcase a modern, industrial vibe. Shoot some pool, pick a song on their jukebox, or just to enjoy a beer, BCB is a good choice if you’re wanting to GO! out locally but also experience a new environment. Happy hour is from 3pm-7pm, 7 days a week.

Bottle Cap Bar Pool Tables

Heritage Hop Haus

My personal favorite is definitely the last one on this list. Heritage Hop Haus is a tap-house,  home to a selection of 39 different beers, and a full bar. With two bars and a restaurant on the way, I can definitely see this place getting even more traffic as the summer continues. Heritage portrays an urban feel, with an underground pub atmosphere and I also couldn’t wait to get my hands on another of their Bad Apple brews (which I highly recommend). A few of their weekly specials include Wednesday game/trivia night, all-day mimosas on Saturdays, and a bloody-mary bar on Sundays.

Heritage Hop Haus

Being fairly new to Idaho, I had a blast discovering these cool spots walking around Downtown Meridian perfect for a Friday night. Whether you want a chill vibe and crowd, some live music, or to just knock back a few, these are some great places to GO! out on a Friday!

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Robby Acosta

Robby Acosta

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