Get a Taste of New Zealand in Idaho

Food from the other side of the world is now in Downtown Boise.

Although New Zealand is more than 7,000 miles from the Treasure Valley, you don’t need a passport to get a taste of the island country now that Kiwi Shake & Bake (611 S. Eighth St., on the bottom floor of The Afton) has opened up shop.

On the savory side, the eatery offers hand pies in a variety of flavors like potato and leek, steak and cheese, seafood, bacon and egg, mince and more; sausage rolls; soup; and other items, including “mousetraps,” a signature New Zealand baked dish comprising an amalgam of meat, cheese, veggies and canned spaghetti noodles (seriously) piled on a thick slice of bread.

On the sweeter end of the spectrum, Kiwi has a host of confections, including ice-cream, brownies, carrot cake, “yo-yo’s” (not-too-sweet frosting slathered between two shortbread cookies) and “lolly cakes,” another New Zealand specialty (typically made with malt biscuits and marshmallow-like candy).

If the display cases look like the racks at a designer outlet store after a liquidation sale, don’t panic. Along with the stellar eats and beautifully appointed space, customer service is a focus at Kiwi: In less than 10 minutes, the friendly server/cashier had a fresh hot chicken-and-mushroom pie bagged and ready to go. Half of the pie—tender chunks of chicken and mushroom, and a well-seasoned white gravy all cozied up in a flaky crust—coupled with the dense, buttery cookies and frosting swath of a yo-yo made for a delightful meal for two, which was immediately followed by plans to repeat the experience as soon and as often as possible.

With prices at $7-$9 for a pie and $4 for a sweet, a meal at Kiwi won’t break the bank. Plus, a latte is only $3.50, and the beer and wine list is equally affordable: A bottle of the New Zealand 13 Celsius sauvignon blanc is just $8. So if a trek to New Zealand isn’t in the budget, a trip (or 10) to Kiwi Shake & Bake is a delicious—and much less expensive—alternative. No passport required.