Ghoul Out Local

Go! See what ghosts and ghouls haunt our local scenery . . .

If you drive out beyond the edge of town, where the houses grow sparse, and where plowed fields and wide pastures roll on past the horizon, you’ll see a notable number of old, peculiar, derelict buildings. They often blend in with the scenery as you whip past, getting lost against the background of a single row of trees or a gently sloping hill, concealing their dark and mysterious origins from most casual observers.

Many of these places are just old farm buildings that have worn out their usefulness and have long since been replaced. They’re simply abandoned and left standing; the cost of demolishing and removing them is far too high compared to just letting them waste away. 

So there the loom, sharing a pasture with some sleepy cows or frozen in the middle of a weedy field, unaware and uncaring of the owls and bats that shelter within its crumbling frame. Who knows what other strange creatures, shadowy entities, or odd spirits might linger around these falling structures.

Other buildings are abandoned homes, condemned and left behind for newer models, their previous families happy to move on to something better. Other gutted homes have more tragic backgrounds: home foreclosures, house fires, even the tragic deaths of their inhabitants.

Now they brood in the midst of overgrown lots, doors and windows either broken or completely missing, an alluring place for wicked wanderers to hold evil seances and complete devilish rituals. 

These abandoned spaces are quaint enough during the day, but at twilight, and when the full dark of night comes, they lose their old fashioned, rustic charm and become like the stuff out of nightmares. 

This Halloween season, take some time to appreciate the creepier scenery around town like you might enjoy lights during Christmas. Whether it’s out towards the wilderness or some eerie place hiding in plain sight in the middle of the city, if you happen to pass by something spooky, take a quick photo and tag us with #GHOULoutlocal for our Spooky Photo Contest!

We want to see the ABSOLUTE BEST SPOOKY photos that Idaho can offer, so to encourage all the best efforts, we are offering a PRIZE WORTH OVER $1000!!

The winner of the Ghoul Out Local Spooky Photo contest will receive:

A Riverside Hotel Staycation

1 Family Pack (5 passes) to Halloween Land

$100 to Smoky Mountain Pizzeria & Grill

1 Family Pack (5 passes) to Turkey Day 5k

$150 Spa Certificate at Grove Fitness & Spa

4 90-minute flight passes to Defy Boise

Have some fun this Autumn and capture your best Spooky Photos! Contest submissions are accepted until October 24th. Submit your photos through our Ghoul Out Local contest page on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us with #GhoulOutLocal when you post! Click the links below to get involved!

Go! See what ghosts, ghouls, and haunted spaces await your overly-curious eye. . . .

Adam Brimhall

Adam Brimhall

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