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This small town talent is Twin Falls’ best-kept secret
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Go Out Local may seem like a team of regular folks from little old Idaho, and to a certain extent, that is true.

But regular people have deeply held passions, great talents, lofty ambitions, solid goals, and the know-how and wherewithal to achieve them. Regular people are made extraordinary when they use their talents and passions to make something happen.

Elena Coats is just such an extraordinary person. Before joining the Go Out Local team and becoming our favorite singer, she achieved much in her music career at the mere age of twenty-two, not least of which are her recordings and performances with the band We the Kings, including a certified gold record for their single “Sad Song.”

She started small, taking private guitar, piano, and voice lessons as a child, and performing as a solo artist around Twin Falls as young as twelve. She learned the ropes of performing with other musicians in local bands that would play anywhere that would have them. Over the years, Elena developed her musical style with her knowledge and experience playing, but also through intense study of how music is structured, written, and performed.

For almost ten years now, Elena has been living between Los Angeles and Twin Falls, making sacrifices like going to school online to make her music career a reality. It was during this time that Elena met Travis Clark, the lead singer of We the Kings, through a mutual friend.

“We instantly hit it off. We had a jam session, he loved my voice and he invited me to perform with them at a couple of their upcoming tour dates in Los Angeles,” Elena says. “That was such a really cool experience for me because We the Kings has been one of my favorite bands since forever, and I was just so excited to meet Travis in the first place. And then for him to like my talent and my voice, and, you know, believe in me, and to invite me out to these shows is just crazy to me.”

Elena has opened for We the Kings and performed with them at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd and in Anaheim. Not long after these shows were finished that Travis asked Elena to appear in their hit track, “Sad Song,” which was such a success that they recorded another one with Elena called “XO.”

Elena later released her own material which she performed on tour with We the Kings and other bands including AJR in 2016. She says, “Before I went on tour I released some new music because I wanted to have some original music out there and some stuff to perform that I thought people would love. Just to see everyone’s response in all the different cities was really great and really insightful. To see people love the music you are putting out is just insane, and I am so grateful for that.”

Elena is currently working on more new material with producer Blake Healy. She hopes to perform and tour with these new songs in the very near future. Elena hints that the music is reflective of her experiences in the last decade of pursuing a musical career, the culture shock of living in two vastly different states, as well as some of those experiences she missed while working on her music: “It is a tough time especially when you are spending half your time away from your family. It’s hard to be away from home, especially at that age when everybody else is in high school and doing normal things like going to football games. I really missed out on that part of my life, but I was working towards something greater and I knew what I wanted to do.”

Right now, there is no solid release date scheduled. “Maybe this year, maybe early next year, I haven’t quite decided yet. I want to make sure everything is perfect before I put it out. I will have to keep you guys posted and let you know when there will actually be a release date, but we are working towards it right now, and I am really excited about it.”

Elena expressed lots of gratitude when talking about her experiences in the music industry, fully acknowledging that many talented people do not always get the same opportunities that she has had: “I am just so grateful for the fans, and the people who listen to my music and watch my videos. All of that is just so heartwarming and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me for so long and continues to support me. My family and my friends have been the biggest support system. I just really want to say thank you to everybody who supports me and keeps me going. I am still working on music, and I am never going to stop. So, you’ll hear more from me soon, I promise.”

So, you see? When you take a closer look at regular folks from small towns, you’ll find the passions, talents, and strengths within are more than capable of achieving great things.

Elena’s music is available on all the major platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Follow Go Out Local’s favorite singer on social media via the links below for updates, acoustic covers, announcements, and more, and don’t forget to Go! check out her official website.

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