Go! Shop Small Businesses Saturday, Nov. 30

Don’t spend all your Black Friday budget

Sure, Black Friday has the famous name, recognition, and dramatically checkered past, but why drop all your Christmas budget at the big box stores when you can Go! support local businesses around Idaho on Small Business Saturday?

In Idaho, supporting a local business isn’t just a nice platitude to repeat to yourself while you are moving your attention from one thing to another.  It’s something that makes Idaho’s economy thrive. 

According to statistics from the US Small Business Administration , in the year 2017, there were 154,410 small businesses running in Idaho. This accounts for 99.2 percent of Idaho businesses, employing more than 290,000 Idahoans. Those folks represent 55.4 percent of the state’s private workforce. 

It is safe to say that, based on these statistics, it is hard to be an Idaho resident and not either be affected by the fate of small businesses or know and care about someone who is.

In short, when you Go! shop local Saturday, Nov. 30th, you aren’t making shallow, materialistic purchases at the behest of consumer culture. You are appreciating and taking part in all of the thousands of hours of hard work, the energy, the effort,  the hope, the tenacity, even the love and caring that people you know and live near have given.

Here are only a handful of the 100,000+ small businesses in Idaho you should go check out on Small Business Saturday, November 30th, 2019:


This upscale restaurant is one of the hottest locations to dine out in downtown Boise. Buy a $50 gift card get an extra $10 in gift cards when you purchase them on Small Business Saturday! 

Bricks & Minifigs

The Treasure Valley’s Lego experts are having some pretty sweet sales for the Holiday shopping weekend. Come in on Friday and Saturday and get discounts on Minifigures, bulk parts, used sets, and get special access to unique printed Lego bricks and Minifigure parts you won’t find anywhere else! Personalize your very own Lego Minifigures to look like your family, perfect for stocking stuffers!

Smoky Mountain Pizza

Every time you buy a $25 gift card, you get a free $5 gift card. This offer lasts until December 31st, with a $20.00 minimin and $50.00 maximum gift card purchase.

JD’s Bodega

This friendly neighborhood convenience store is independent of the major chains. Grab a quick snack and get off your feet while shopping downtown Boise on Small Business Saturday.

Addie’s Restaurant

Fuel up for a day of browsing and shopping at Addie’s! Serving breakfast and lunch from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

Small Business Saturday isn’t only about spending money and passing it between each other as members of the community. It’s about recognizing, appreciating, and engaging with other Idahoans in the hard work and efforts we all put in to make each others’ lives better.

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Adam Brimhall

Adam Brimhall

An expert at going out.