8 Feathers Distillery

West Boise

8 Feathers Distillery is a locally owned and operated distillery producing hand crafted small batch whiskey, moonshine and bourbon. They use locally grown grains and mill them right at the distillery. 8 Feathers distillery also utilizes a closed-loop cooling system that literally saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year. And keeping with their commitment to limit waste, they give the leftover grains from the fermentation process to local farmers for feeding to livestock. The small batches and creativity of the owners allows them to produce new and inventive combinations that are unique and tasty. They also offer an all ages informative and interactive tour and a tasting room where you can sample the different types of whiskey they distill. Check out their fun recipes on their website for great suggestions on how to get creative with their products! Look for them around town, at the liquor store and ask for them by name, you won’t be disappointed.

272 North Maple Grove Road
Boise ID 83704 US
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Mon-Fri 10am-2pm Sat 11am-3pm Sun closed

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