Boise Police Activities League (PAL)

Officers building partnerships with youth,  through educational, cultural, recreational and outreach programs.Treasure Valley

 The Boise Police Activities League (PAL) builds partnerships with youth, Police and the community through educational, cultural, recreational and outreach programs to help youth reach their full potential.

Programs they offer include:


The Boise PAL Boxing program offers kids the opportunity to learn the art of boxing. Boxing is a sport that requires discipline, dedication and hard work. The boxers acquire skills that allow them to be self-reliant and build the mental toughness to face opponents who have also trained hard for their bout. Program participants train year round in partnership with civilian as well as Boise Police coaches. This intense training program prepares the participants for sanctioned boxing events around the Northwest.


For those kids interested in golf, this program allows boys and girls, ages 6-15, to learn about the game, on all levels.  Boise PAL believes there are many life lessons to be learned within the game itself, including integrity and honor.  Participants work together, with the assistance of a golf professional and local Police Officers, to understand the fundamentals of golf.  As they work on the mechanics of their swing, they also learn about the ethics and etiquette that surround the game of golf.

This program is made possible by partnerships with local golf courses and professional golfers.

Outdoor Activities

The goal of the Boise PAL Outdoor Program is to facilitate positive, active small group excursions with youth from our community and Boise Police Officers while introducing kids to the joys of outdoor recreation in our community. An annual rafting trip on the Payette River is planned for every June. This trip allows officers and roughly 20 kids the opportunity to work together to get to their take out point, building friendships and fostering teamwork along the way. The day will be rounded out by a picnic lunch.

For more information visit either their website or Facebook page.