Boise River Park

Boise's only river surfing recreational parkGarden City
North Boise

This unique “white water” park is located on the Boise River between Garden City and North West Boise and consists of a viewing plaza on the shoreline for a great spectator experience, greenbelt paths on both sides for your drive by pleasure, Quinn’s Pond for paddle sports, fishing, water recreation, swimming and lounging near the water, and the elaborate Esther Simplot Park system on the other side.

But let’s not forget the water park’s main attraction and best feature, the Boise River providing endless hours of water fun from sun up to sun down to paddlers and river surfers of all skill levels.

This water park does not have a “street” address and can be accessed from the Boise Greenbelt access near Corridor Paddle Surf Shop, East 35th Street, Garden City, ID or Esther Simplot Park, 614 N Whitewater Park Blvd, Boise, ID 83702.

East 35th Street
Garden City ID 83714 US
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Park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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