The Kif Brown Foundation


Give hope to those that want it most!

KBF’s ultimate mission is to better the lives of patients and their families by sharing knowledge that they have gained through their own personal journey, through continuing research, as well as assisting with challenging financial situations. Their approach revolves around an intense and shared commitment and are willing to work as hard as you are toward LIVING and LOVING life!

Too often, when patients are newly diagnosed, there is not much information available to them outside of the standard chemotherapy/surgery/radiation world. There is little to no nutrition information given in the standard setting. Any kind of alternative treatment is also usually dismissed. Vitamins and herbal supplements are frowned on.

The Kif Brown Foundation firmly believes that diet, lifestyle, a personalized protocol of supplements and the right attitude will improve the outcome of any diagnosis. If conventional therapy is chosen, these elements will greatly improve the results. There are many clinics that offer treatment options that combine conventional and alternative therapy. Too often, these options are not discovered until standard treatment has taken it’s toll. KBF believes if they had discovered some of these treatments earlier they might have altered and greatly improved the outcome.

KBF is committed to getting this information to patients as early as possible so they are armed with all the resources available to them to make their personal treatment decisions.

Visit their website for more information about their Kid’s Club and Junkify Adventures Program, and discover more ways to be involved!

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