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At the young age of 12, Dereck Bullers found his artistic ability taking multiple art classes while in school and spent a lot of his time even outside of school fine tuning his ability. Wanting to expand upon his craft, at the age of 14 Dereck wanted to try his hand at tattooing. He jumped at the very first opportunity he had when a family member who recently was released from a correctional facility offered to give Dereck his first tattoo. It all started with, “Hey I’ll give you a tattoo!” and using a homemade gun the pain and satisfaction of that adrenaline of the ink was felt. After tapping out after 10 excruciating minutes, Dereck picked the tattoo gun back up and continued to work on his own leg. Since then he has tattooed 90% of his own tattoos while continuing to expand on his skill set he has added the ability of being an experienced body piercer. He has done all his own self-body piercings as well to prove his dedication to his craft and career.
3204 West Overland Road Boise 83705
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Mon - Sun: 12:00PM - 8:00PM

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