Locals know winter in Idaho is exciting. Idaho is one of the best states in the country for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding, and is also home to a slew of events like the McCall Winter Carnival. As much fun as winter is around here, we’re ready for warm weather and all the options it brings. Here are a few ways to make the most of summer in Idaho:

Attend an Outdoor Event

There are incredible things going on non-stop when the weather heats up. You can enjoy everything from large one-time events like the Boise Music Festival and the Western Idaho Fair, to more regular gatherings like the weekly Capital City Public Market and First Thursdays.

Find the Nearest Lake

If you prefer nature to people, the idea of hitting the water this summer is probably more appealing than any of the events listed above. You can look forward to boating, fishing, swimming, or lounging by the lake. Click here to find a lake near you.

Visit A Nearby Mountain

No matter where you live in Idaho, a beautiful view and excellent hiking, biking, and camping is just a short drive away. Click here for a list of Idaho mountain ranges.

Whether you like crowds of people, big outdoor concerts, or sitting lake-side contemplating life, GO! out and have a blast this summer!