Idaho’s Celebrities Pt 1: Life of Marjorie

Actress from Idaho featured in classic era films

Idaho is not known for it’s abundance of famous people. Most folks from outside Idaho are not aware that many of the mainstream luminaries they respect and admire were actually born here.

Our great state lays claim to a fair number of these celebrities including actors and actresses, musicians, scientists, athletes, politicians, and more. Idaho is home to its fair share of high-achieving individuals.

GO! Out Local is doing a little exploring into the lives of these famous Idahoans.

Check out our first Idaho celebrity. She was an actress from the glamour days of the 1930s and ’40s classic Hollywood film industry, renowned for her skill and grace in dance and her lovely singing voice.

Marjorie Godspeed Reynolds was born in Buhl, Idaho in 1917. Her father died when she was still a child, and the family moved to Los Angeles.

At age six she appeared in her first film, but did not return to the film scene until she had been through school.

She restarted in the ’30s and her career began in earnest. She was featured in more than 50 films and several episodes of more than ten television programs. Folks might know her from films such as the 1942 classic Holiday Inn, and a supporting role in the 1949 film That Midnight Kiss.

Marjorie Reynolds earned her Star on the Walk of Fame in February 1960 which anyone can still visit today.

Her films and TV shows can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and many other streaming apps. Or, if you’re a traditionalist and want a hard copy of her work, GO! Out to the Record Exchange, or your Local Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or other media retailer for DVDs and Blu-Ray options.

Next time you are watching a classic film from the golden age of cinema, remember Marjorie Godspeed Reynolds, and how she brought a little bit of Idaho to film history.

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