Idaho Celebrities pt. 7: Jeremy Shada

The World Famous Cartoon Adventurer from Idaho

Being famous for the sound of your voice gives you some major advantages in showbiz, without much of the pain and inconvenience of being famous for your face. But Jeremy Shada, the Boise-born actor and musician who has been working since he was seven, is getting to experience what it is like to be involved with both worlds.

Jeremy is most famous for his depiction of the cartoon character Finn the Human from Cartoon Network’s widely popular TV series, Adventure Time.

The’s a funny story behind how Jeremy became the voice of a charismatic, world-renowned cartoon character. His older brother, Zack Shada, did a voice over for the character Finn the Human in 2007 before Adventure Time was a full-fledged TV series on Cartoon Network, and was a five minute short on Nickelodeon. 

Since the show got its own time slot with Cartoon Network and premiered in 2010, the show’s popularity exploded, and Jeremy’s voice became universally recognizable to kids and adults in households throughout the world. 

Jeremy is now expanding his skills beyond the microphone and out in front of the camera lens. Check out Jeremy’s acting skills in an upcoming series on the mobile platform go90 called Mr. Student Body President.

Jeremy Shada, another rising celebrity who appears to have integrity, has been in show business for over a decade or more now, making appearances in television, film, video games, cartoons, and musical performances. Follow him on social media and support this Idaho-born star wherever you can! Without a doubt, this Idahoan celebrity is by far the most fun!

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