Idaho Celebs Pt. 4: Idaho’s Celebrity with a Holiday

Don’t forget, Oct 1st is Aaron Paul Day
Aaron Paul

Of all the celebrities to which Idaho lays claim, Aaron Paul is by far the most recognizable.

Paul was born in Emmett, Idaho, and graduated from Boise’s Centennial High School in 1997. He has seen remarkable success in his acting career since before he got his diploma.

In 1996, he placed as runner-up in an LA acting and modeling competition. It was because of this event that he connected with a manager that started him on music videos and commercials. Some may remember this goofy 90s style ad for gum that came out in 2000. 

Later he received several minor parts in Hollywood films and moved on to television and web series projects where he became a recognizable face throughout the nation and the world.

His first television series debut was in 1999 on Beverly Hills 90210 in the role of an awkward Californian high schooler by the name of Chad.

He played the sleazy and opportunistic, yet touchingly human Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s world-famous television series Breaking Bad. Paul won many awards through his work with Bryan Cranston on the show, not least of which was Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Paul also played the lead role of Eddie Lane, a cultist with holy aspirations climbing the priestly ladder, in Hulu’s original series The Path

By 2013, Paul had earned so much recognition Gov. Butch Otter named October 1st Aaron Paul Day and referred to him as “an ambassador for the State of Idaho throughout the nation and is an inspiration to all Idahoans.”

Idaho has its representatives out in Hollywood and in the world of television and internet miniseries. While it’s great that someone from Idaho has made it big in the entertainment industry, it’s even better that the star in question has legitimate talent and a respectable reputation.

Remember to Go! Celebrate Aaron Paul day next October 1st. This holiday is still relatively new so feel free to start your own traditions and make sure to share them with us.

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