Idaho Has a Real Life Elsa Castle

Photo from Labelle Lake Ice Palace

It’s back! Did you know that there is a real life Else castle right here in Idaho? The Ice Palace at Labelle Lake in Rigby, Idaho is back and we are so excited to see their incredible creation this year. This winter wonderland is the perfect winter time activity for the whole family!

Photo from Labelle Lake Ice Palace

This Elsa castle has lights, tunnels, slides, sleigh rides, sledding, and so much more! We had a great time on the horse drawn sled ride that took us to an ice slide and a hot chocolate stand. They also have a fascinating fire show, an enchanting character meet and greet like Elsa or Olaf, and a delightful sleigh ride through the snow frosted forest. There’s something for everyone at the Ice Palace! 

While you’re in the area, you can enjoy your time in Idaho Falls! Their river and falls freeze over at that time of year which you can enjoy walking along their beautiful greenbelt. You can also go wander the streets of downtown to shop at the local shops and restaurants!

Photo from Labelle Lake Ice Palace

At Labelle Lake, we got to meet real life reindeer and experience the magic of winter all in one night. Be sure to dress warmly and buy your tickets ahead, which can be found here. Their tentative open date is December 26th! The weather has to be cold enough for them to build and maintain this amazing palace. 

Here are some photos from my trip last year!

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