Idaho’s Haunted Places

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Idaho’s Haunted Places

These are just a handful of the places in Idaho with eerie pasts

There are many towns scattered throughout Idaho, some dating as far back as Lewis and Clark. Every town has its unsettling urban legends and places that are commonly known by the local people to be haunted. Here are some places in Idaho that are reputed to be the spookiest and most famously haunted.

Idanha Hotel, Boise

Elevators moving on their own, figures wielding scissors running down the hallways, and other, far creepier stuff has been seen at Boise’s historic Idanha Hotel building.

Stricker Ranch, Twin Falls County

This Magic Valley ranch was once a stop for travelers along the Oregon Trail. There was a shop and an inn at Stricker Ranch, run by one Herman Stricker and his wife.

As you might imagine, back in the 1860s, plenty of travelers perished as they went along their way down the Oregon Trail, and the Strickers were no strangers to caring for and burying many of them.

The story goes that, after many long years of isolation and tragedy, Stricker’s wife murdered him and dragged his body down the stairs after the cursed deed was done. The official public records of Herman Stricker show that his passing was actually far less horrifying and dramatic than the legend tells, but what about those restless souls traveling out west during America’s earlier days? Who can say what poor, lost spirits from the days of the Oregon Trail still roam the Stricker Ranch, trying to find their way back to those who left them behind?

Idaho Hotel, Silver City

Silver City, Idaho, is as old as the gold rushes of the 19th century. It was during that era that the Idaho Hotel saw the majority of its customers. Silver City is still populated after all this time, and so has a long running history full of strange sightings and eerie occurrences, particularly when it comes to the hotel. The building itself is an artifact out of the old days of the miners and prospectors who came from all over the world to strike it rich. Who knows what stories the walls and windows of the Idaho Hotel would reveal if they could speak? 

Haunted Hospital, St. Anthony

Idaho’s Haunted Hospital out in St. Anthony is a building in such a frightful state of disrepair that it’s hard to imagine the place not being haunted. This is a genuinely creepy structure, built and utilized during the last century, that is now a Halloween attraction you can visit during the spooky season. 

Not only that, but the Haunted Hospital has a history of ghostly sightings, mostly in the form of school-aged children. If you happen to visit the attraction this season, ask some of the staff there about the sightings they’ve had. 

Spirit Lake

What could be better than a haunted house? That’s right, an entire haunted natural body of water and its surrounding area. Many tales come out of Spirit Lake. One legend has it that a pair of forbidden, star-crossed lovers from the Kootenai tribe willingly drowned themselves there, entering eternity together rather than facing a lifetime of separation.

The Kootenai believed that the lake was something that lost spirits would fall into as they wandered between worlds, unable to free themselves once trapped. 

Strangely, centuries later, limnologists determined that Spirit Lake is one of only two lakes in the entire world that has a “sealed bottom.” Little to no water ever escapes Spirit Lake. It has no known outlet, and plenty of people have attempted to dig wells nearby, delving to great depths and allowing more than sufficient time, all to no avail.

Perhaps Spirit Lake has more than water sealed up within its depths.

Idaho’s towns have plenty of stories to tell. These places boast of some of the darker, and creepier ones. If you like spooky places and haunted history, Go! visit some of the most haunted places in Idaho.

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