Idaho’s Top Vegan and Vegetarian Food

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Idaho’s Top Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Leave behind preconceived notions of vegan food when you Go! to these places

Vegetarian and vegan options are far more common than they used to be. Pretty much any restaurant you go to, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes are available so that people under any food restrictions might still be able to enjoy eating out with their friends and family. 

Of course, places that serve vegan/vegetarian only are popping up more and more these days as their popularity grows. You can get vegan and vegetarian options now for almost anything. Upscale date night restaurants, pizzerias, even vegan ice cream options exist! Here are a handful of Go Out Local recommended restaurants that cater to Vegan/Vegetarian dieters, as well as a few favorite vegan options from some of the places that serve food outside the vegan diet.

Toasted & Guru Donuts

This is a team-up made in local food culture heaven. 

‘Toasted’ & ‘Guru Donuts’ are owned separately, but share a space in Boise, offering the community a friendly team-up of healthy entrees and some creative sweets for afterward. 

Toasted, a self-styled Artisan Toast Café, is a place where diners can order savory toasted vegan and vegetarian sandwiches created by chef and owner Brad Wegelin. They are so good that, as one of their many descriptions states, “Most omnivores don’t even miss the meat.”

Just down the hallway from Toasted is the other half of this symbiotic food partnership. Guru Donuts has been a famous entity in Idaho since 2012, serving and popularizing vegan donuts, pastries, and desserts ever since. Things are kept fresh at Guru Donuts with a new seasonal menu monthly. After an excellent vegan lunch at Toasted, why not mosey on over to Guru Donuts and satisfy that vegan sweet tooth.

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BBQ4LIFE is a miracle! It serves barbecue AND vegan food, forever ending all disagreement and enmity between dine-outers who could never agree on where to eat before. They will even cater your event, which solves a ton of problems when it comes to feeding large parties of people who have different needs and tastes.

After six years and many name changes, BBQ4LIFE remains the only restaurant in Idaho to specialize and focus on both barbecue and vegan. Go! see them on Vista Ave. in Boise.

Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron is a family-owned and operated Indian restaurant located in Twin Falls. They have a wide selection of delicious and exotic vegetarian dishes which they are proud to serve to both the Treasure and Magic Valleys. Go! give their Chana Masala a try, and be sure to follow them on social media for regular seasonal menu updates!

Wildroot Cafe

This is cafe in downtown Boise with vegan options opened and operated by Michael Trebbi and his wife Anne-Marie. They’ve been serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch since 2015. They have earned recognition and are renown amongst the local food critics and the community alike.

Yellowbrick Cafe

Twin Falls’ Yellowbrick Cafe has seasonal vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes that change regularly. The ingredients that go into their tasty dishes are all sourced locally, helping support local farmers in the community. Updates on their menu come through their social media so don’t forget to follow them. 

Idaho has way more to offer than just potatoes, beer, burgers, and steaks. Our state can brag some of the most delicious, well presented, and original vegan and vegetarian foods that can be found throughout the country. Go! taste what these culinary creatives have to offer.

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