It’s Never Too Late for Love

Visit a local gift shop, and find something special for that special someone

Hey, Latey McLaterson. If you’re planning to stop on the way home to get a Valentine’s Day token of love for your one-and-only, you might need to think outside of the heart-shaped box.

Instead of rifling through whatever is left at the drugstore, stop by a cool local shop like Flying M CoffeeHouse (Boise), Flying M CoffeeGarage (Nampa), Made In Idaho, Mixed Greens, or The Record Exchange, where you’ll find a selection of handbags, wallets, notebooks, t-shirts, socks, music, TV/movie collectibles, jewelry, sweets, toys, and more—much of it made locally.

Even if you’re a Procrastinating Pat, you can still get a gift that says, “I may have waited until the last-minute, but I got you something as brilliant/cheeky/humorous/intelligent/quirky/unique as you are.”

GO! Support local, support love.