Learn to Dance: Tango!

Ocho’s Tree City Tango classes June 21-23
Ochos Tango Dancing

Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made in January? Wasn’t one of them to get out more, meet some new people, maybe learn new and different skills, or find a fun hobby, or something?

Now is your chance to make good on the promises you made for yourself five or six months ago. Check out Tree City Tango, a weekend dedicated to learning the art of tango dancing, presented by Ocho’s in downtown Boise.

Ocho’s, Boise’s home of tango, is a dance hall open all year long with planned monthly dancing lessons for all skill levels.

This year they are hold their Tree City Tango event on June 21-23. This weekend experience is the best opportunity to learn the tango dance skills from the best here in Boise. There are two separate classes with five different lessons, beginning with acclimating the body to the tango form, all the way to refining and perfecting your tango abilities.

For more details on what the classes teach, check out their class descriptions. Register for your classes here.

Weekends and time off at precious for everyone. Don’t spend your free nights and weekends on the couch streaming movies, GO! Learn to tango at Ocho’s for Tree City Tango 2019.

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Adam Brimhall

Adam Brimhall

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