Movies Filmed in Idaho

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We all know Idaho is very well known for its beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking landscapes. This leads to benefits for filmmaking in Idaho including economical considering Idaho doesn’t require film permits which save filmmakers money in the long run. I am here to tell you about some fantastic movies that were filmed in our beautiful state! 

Napoleon Dynamite 

This classic comedy was filmed in Preston and Franklin, Idaho. The director, Jared Hess, wanted to film this movie in his hometown of Preston. He liked the idea of the midwestern style for the film. Because Napoleon’s character is a high school student, much of the film takes place at his school. Scenes were actually filmed at the real Preston High School! How cool!

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Bus Stop (1956 film) 

This film is a romantic comedy-drama directed by Joshua Logan, starring Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O’Connell and Hope Lange. Bus Stop was filmed in Sun Valley, Ketchum, and North Fork Store National Forest. The mountain home that was the center stage for the film is now on the market for $15.99 million dollars. 

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Dante’s Peak

Dante’s peak was directed by Roger Donaldson, written by Leslie Bohem, and starring Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, and Charles Hallahan. This film was mainly shot in Wallace, Idaho and can still be visited today!

Photo from Jayson Frank via Facebook. Photo taken in Wallace, Idaho.


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