National Aviation Day: Top Drone Shows In Idaho


It’s a bird; it’s a plane, no, it’s a beautiful drone show taking up the night sky! Ok, I get that’s a cliche line to start, but trust me when I say that drone shows are one of the most magnificent things you can see in person. For National Aviation Day, we wanted to showcase some of the top drone shows done in Idaho. Yes, we will admit that we are biased because our sister company Go Drones has created these. I had a hand in a few of them. However, we want full transparency on that. So here are some of the top shows that we put on. I also must preface that they look fantastic in videos, but they can’t do it the same justice as seeing it in person. More drone shows will come here in Idaho, so be sure to follow Go Drone Shows to see where you can see a show next!

Boise Hawks Drone Show

This show was something else to see from the stands at Memorial Stadium. The Boise Hawks’ name spelled out, their logo, a baseball player hitting a ball, and more. Watching the Boise Hawks is a lot of fun, and pairing it with a drone show made it a blast.

4th of July shows in Blackfoot and Pocatello

The 4th of July is typically associated with fireworks, but now with this new technology, there are other ways to light up the sky with crazy fun designs. From seeing the American flag created with drones to flying jets thanks to inspiration from Top Gun, it was a 4th of July that we will never forget! Go Drones accomplished both in partnership with ICCU.

One by One Foundation Drone Show

One by One’s Mission is “The One by One Foundation is dedicated to healing the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits of those in need through sponsoring education and self-sustaining businesses in Ghana, West Africa, providing animal-assisted activities for healing in Idaho, and the teaching and practice of Kriya Yoga meditation.” They have an annual Golf Social to help raise funds, so we had to be there to support with a drone show to thank all the donors and give One by One Foundation a highlight they deserve!

Twin Falls Lights and Lasers

The Twin Falls Lights and Lasers show is already a unique and exciting form of entertainment that lights up the waters and hills with different lights and designs. We were glad to contribute to that show in partnership with ICCU with a drone show that showcased some of the things Twin Falls is known for.

Marriage Proposal

We got the chance to do a show for a client with a surprise ending! One of our team members, Haley got the surprise of her lifetime by seeing her name spelled out with drones and then the anticipated words “Will you marry me?” It was amazing to see, and we were thrilled to help Mark and Haley take that next step. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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