National Couples Day: Top Date Spots In The Treasure Valley

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If there is one thing we love doing is celebrating our significant other whenever we get the chance. There are holidays like Valentine’s Day, but there is also National Couples Day! In honor of that, we are shouting out some great spots that you and your partner can mosey on down to and get some food, walk around, and maybe see live music or a movie!

(Picture from The Village At Meridian Facebook)

The Village at Meridian

Most people already know about The Village at Meridian, but if you don’t, let’s give you a rundown! There are plenty of food options, including Bodovino, Twigs, and Sid’s Garage, just to name a few. There are shopping areas, and you can maybe pick up something nice for your partner. You can even watch a movie or watch the every-hour water show directly in the center of The Village. If none of those things float your boat, you have Big Al’s just outside, which offers games and bowling to help create some entertainment and competition with your other half.

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Indian Creek Plaza

Located in Downtown Caldwell, my hometown is an amazing place to take your significant other out! The local restaurants like Amano for handcrafted Mexican food or Indian Creek Steakhouse for a juicy steak have options that you and your partner can agree on. A dinner and movie night here is super easy with a movie theater just down the block. Not only that, Indian Creek Plaza constantly has events that will keep you entertained. They have farmer’s markets, live music, and more! 

(Picture from The Brickyard Facebook)

Downtown Boise

Now I know what you are thinking “Downtown Boise? That’s pretty broad!” You are right about that, but there are so many options for a fun and romantic night out. There’s an intimate dinner at Brickyard, a nice walk through the Warehouse Food Hall, then stopping for some ice cream and a flight of beer at The STIL, catching a show at Idaho Central Arena,  or one of the many delicious restaurants on 8th street. I could go on for a while! 

I barely scratched the surface when talking about these locations, so check them out yourself to see all the awesome possibilities to make this National Couples Day special or maybe even just for a random weeknight to be special too. If you need help finding things, check out our event calendar to see what events are happening in these locations, or stop by our happy hour page to plan the perfect date night dinner! See you out there!

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