Prepare for the Coming Ice Cream Season

Don’t miss these local creameries this summer
Rolled Ice Cream

Soon enough the summer heat will be blazing, and people everywhere will be lining up to get some frozen sweets.

These are a handful of the shops born and bred in Idaho and have become little portions of the Treasure Valley community that really shine when it’s hot out.

Delsa’s Ice Cream


Delsa’s is a creamery like no other in Idaho. Winning multiple awards including Best in Idaho for USA Today’s Top 50 Ice Cream Parlor’s, this little shop was once the farmhouse for the Walton Family Dairy Farm. The farm spanned more than 80 acres in the early 1920s, engulfing the now-developed land around it. Delsa Walton’s homemade ice cream began as a kindly gesture to kids playing around the neighborhood. Eventually the fame of her treats spread far and wide and she decided to open a shop.

Since the opening of the official business 1960s, Delsa’s has grown to include quite the tempting menu of sandwiches, hamburgers, soups, and salads alongside the sweet stuff. To top it all off, they have their very own Party Barn where events and parties can be held at an hourly rate with full services.

Fanci Freez Ice Cream

Fanci Freez

Fanci Freez started making ice cream and burgers way back in 1947. After more than 60 years, they now have two locations. The original stand is on State St. in Boise and the new one is on McMillan in Meridian opened Spring of 2018. Both have excellent patios with plenty of shade where you can enjoy the retro 50s aesthetic, a part of the whole Fanci Freez experience.

Goody’s Soda Fountain

Where other places have the post-WWII burger stand vibe, Goody’s has tapped the market for the old fashioned 1920s soda fountain and ice cream shop experience. Goody’s covers the entire gamut of sweet shop aesthetic, complete with barstools to await your waffle cone order, a shiny glass display class to get a nice view of handmade chocolates, and enough caramel corn to supply a showing of the next big superhero movie.

C4 Creamery

C4 Creamery is a local family-owned business only about a year old. The Burgins of the Treasure Valley brought the concept home from a visit to California and are now the Idaho authority on rolled ice cream. When fulfilling orders at C4, the ice cream makers don’t scoop it, or mix the toppings in it. They pour the sweet cream in its liquid form on a frigid steel plate, pour the sauces and toppings over the rapidly freezing puddle, and then use spatulas to scrape the ice cream off which rolls up neatly like a little scroll. They have hundreds of possible topping and/or flavor combos, from plain vanilla, to s’mores, and even breakfast cereal flavors.

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