Ridiculous Idaho Town Names

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I would’ve loved to be alive back when people were naming towns in Idaho so I could see the reasoning behind their naming decisions. This list will probably sound like a joke but trust me, REAL people live in these REAL towns. Let us know if we missed any!

  1. Dickshooter, Idaho
  2. Gross, Idaho
  3. Slickpoo, Idaho
  4. Good Grief, Idaho
  5. China Hat, Idaho
  6. Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho
  7. The String, Idaho
  8. Shells Lick, Idaho
  9. Comeback Mining Camp, Idaho

It seems like they were running out of names for some of these places. Some others are actually just last names. Either way, we thank the pioneers for giving us a somewhat permanent laugh!

By Jesai Moreno

An Expert at Going Out

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