Should Idaho Abolish Daylight Savings?


Every year, our sleep schedules are screwed up twice a year for daylight savings! It is whether we Fall back and wake up in the dark or we Spring forward and lose an hour of precious slumber. Yeah, I’m confused now too… And so, I ask you, is this a practice we really need to continue at the expense of our priceless REM? Or should we rid ourselves of this seemingly silly disruption? 

Let’s look at Arizona and Hawaii, for instance! They chose to take an apparently more progressive route by not submitting to the rules of time changing because their daylight hours remain unchanging year round. Idaho, similarly, can’t get away from the daylight come 10 pm during the Summer season, and during the Fall and Winter, you’ll still find yourself going to and from work in the dark regardless.

I mean, c’mon, this whole thing was originally proposed in a satirical essay, “An Economical Project,” by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 with the idea of aligning waking hours to daylight hours to conserve household energy use and extend candle shelf-life! Yes, candles! And 100 years later, lightbulbs were invented, and furthermore, come 1997, Japan released the hybrid Prius – completely changing the game! Honestly, isn’t that enough to unanimously agree on extinguishing this OH SO confusingly cruel practice?!

Idaho legislative representatives may not have plans to ditch daylight savings as of right now, but should we be influencing them to do so? I THINK SO! Why, you ask? Because we’ve got hybrids, we’ve got solar panels, and we’ve got Amazon home delivery in case you’ve burned that wick to death. Okay, people, now is the time to choose which side of the fence you want to be on, and then comment below!

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