Spider-Man Comes To Life At Meridian Comic Shop

Local diorama artist unveils his first major piece
All photos courtesy of Amanda Allen and BeyondthePeek.
For the past year, Anthony Guild has been fiddling with foam as a hobby in his spare time to create mini dioramas for a variety of comic book character action figures. These projects were on a small scale, just as something fun, creative, and relaxing to do in his spare time.

“I’d never really thought of myself as an artist. My girlfriend got me this really nice Batman figurine that just was standing on a shelf. And I thought, ‘It would be cool to have some little bat cave to display him in, you know? So I looked up some tutorials and said, ‘That doesn’t look too hard.’ So I went out and bought supplies and made a little bat cave display for him.”

He posted his creation on Instagram which received overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly from other experienced artists that create Hollywood movie set quality displays. Anthony found this very encouraging.

Since that time, he has created a lifesize Spider-Man diorama for a local Meridian comic book shop called Collector’s Outpost.

A friend of Anthony’s told Tom, the owner of Collector’s Outpost comic shop, about him and what he does. Tom commissioned Anthony for an enormous display for a lifesize Spider-man a few days later.

“It all happened really quickly. This opportunity just sort of fell in my lap. I would have been stupid not to say, ‘Yeah! I can do that!’”

After months of work on a daily basis, Spider-Man was finally revealed. A large crowd gathered together to witness and enjoy the theatrics of the unveiling event, including local comic artist who does work for DC Comics, Matt Brundage, who congratulated Anthony on his great work.

More than praise and attention from other comic readers, Anthony says he loves to see people enjoying his work because it brings them joy.

“Just to be able to come and have a cup of coffee and see people come in with their kids and all take pictures together with it is really cool.“

Anthony does more than just dioramas and backgrounds. He has been exploring some costume and decor design. He has already been commissioned to decorate a home with a Batman symbol that is made to look like distressed concrete.

“I really love the idea of making realistic decorations like that for kid’s playroom, to be a part of their imagination and be an immersive part of how they play.”

He occasionally makes appearances as the caped crusader, armed in a full Batman outfit during special events.

“You just can’t use the Christian Bale Batman voice with kids at their birthday parties because it can come off as scary,” he mentioned with a laugh.

He is also excited to work outside the nerd universe, even though he likes it best. He plans to experiment in coming up with cool new ways to make signs, house lighting, or even integrate security cameras into an establishment’s decor.

“I am looking to take on more work as I can handle the workload. Hopefully, I can put stuff out that is good enough and interesting enough for people to be willing to wait for theirs. As a local artist and someone who is just getting into it, I have had to purchase a lot of tools to make this job easier, which I see as an investment because it will make the next job easier, too.”

Anthony Guild’s work speaks for itself. Its high quality makes what used to be a boring blank wall into an interactive display for visitors who Go! out to Collector’s Outpost.

“This has been a really cool experience for me. Even the whole gamut of emotion on this thing, because there has been a lot of stress, I feel like there is a lot riding on it, and it’s the first one I have done so obviously I want it to be received very well. But there has been a lot of excitement, too, because you get to some point where you finally see it coming together and starting to take shape, and you know that when its finished people will be blown away. It’s really cool, it’s a labor of love.

Go! Get in touch with Anthony to commission your project, and stop by Collector’s Outpost to see Spider-Man come to life!

Anthony Guild

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