April 17

Danish toy company Lego has been around for about 90 years old, and since its conception in a small carpentry shop, it has come a long way. Besides being a well-known brand name, Legos can become collectors’ items and increase in value, are a great educational tool, and have become a medium for artists—including some innovative Idahoans.

The Treasure Valley is home to three active Lego artists: Jared Jacobs. Matt Lincoln, and Jake Sadovich.  All three create fun and friendly artworks that are elaborate, vary in shape and size, and even feature moving parts and functionality. Check out some of the highlights and info on each artist.

Once you’ve checked out the artists’ work online, you may want to see Lego creations up close. Good news: An interactive Lego exhibit titled BRICKS! is opening at the Discovery Center of Idaho on May 10, and will feature work by local Lego artists, including Lincoln and Sadovich.

Jared Jacobs (Boise)

Jared Jacobs

Matt Lincoln (Kuna)

Jake Sadovich (Garden City)

by Adam Brimhall

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