The Best Finger Steaks in Idaho

Where they make this Idaho-invented food the tastiest

In the late 1950s, a man named Milo Bybee first cooked and served finger steaks at a local club known as “The Torch.” He told his boss that he invented them after working as a butcher in McCall. He used leftover tenderloin scraps that were going to waste, and treated them like hot wings by battering and frying them. 

The owner at the time was skeptical, and  couldn’t say for sure if Bybee actually invented them, or if he had taken the idea from someone else. But, he was really not that concerned about who came up with them, as long as Bybee’s finger steaks were selling faster than he could make them. 

Since then, finger steaks have become the most famous food invented in Idaho. Potato recipes and huckleberry pies have nothing on these bad boys. They have become so popular and ingrained in the Idaho culture that one of the submissions to the United States Mint suggested the back of the Idaho state quarter incorporate something about finger steaks.

Here are the best places to Go! find Idaho finger steaks:

Westside Drive In – Boise

Going strong since 1957, Boise’s Westside Drive In still has the retro feel of a typical burger stand of 50s America. Their menu boasts theirs as “Boise’s Best Finger Steaks.” Find them right outside the downtown area on the corner of State Street and 21st.

Depot Grill – Twin Falls

This grill has been open for 102 years! The Depot Grill hosts All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Night on Tuesdays, Steak Night on Thursdays, and serves some of the best finger steaks in Idaho. Open 24 hours Monday – Saturday, closes at 9:00 pm Sunday. 

Blazen Burgers – Nampa

This is one of the best burger joints in the Treasure Valley, with or without the finger steaks. Blazen Burger is named after Brad Blamires, a US Army veteran who opened the restaurant cooks the food! There are no bad items on the menu at Blazen Burger.

Trudy’s Kitchen – Idaho City

In little old Idaho City you can find Trudy’s Kitchen. In addition to all their excellent homestyle food, they also serve award winning finger steaks. What better way to curb a big appetite built up by state pride than to order a hearty Idaho food in historic Idaho City?

Next time you have a craving for hot wings or chicken strips, Go! try this iconic Idaho food instead at these home town eateries.

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