The Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House

Boise’s oldest standing brick home

This little dwelling was first constructed way back in 1864. It was the home of Cyrus Y. Jacobs, Boise’s first merchant. He arrived here almost by accident when, on his way to Idaho City, he stayed to map Boise City for construction after selling out his wares following a brigade of soldiers off on an assignment to rebuild Fort Boise.

He eventually became mayor for one term and was a major business force in the Boise community during his day. He lived at 607 Grove St. till his death in 1900. His wife, Mary Jacobs, continued to live there until 1907.

For three years the house was uninhabited, until 1910 when it became a house for members of the expanding Basque community.

In 1917, the Uberuaga family of Boise became the new owners of the site and ran a lodging business for nearly 60 years.

Now it is in the safe hands of the Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

In 1988, oak saplings were planted in honor of Boise’s sister’s city Guernica, Spain, by senator José Antonio Ardanza.

GO! Check out this cool little slice of Boise history in the Basque Quarter of town, then why not try some of the famous Basque food right across the street.

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